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"trust no one" mindset..

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"Treat her like you’re still trying to win her, and that’s how you’ll never lose her."

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oh my god you don’t understand how much i want to kiss you

or watch movies with you

or fall asleep with you

or drink coffee with you

or cuddle with you

or hold your hand

or go to amusement parks with you

or watch concerts with you 

or bake with you

i want to do everything with you and it kills me to know that i cant

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"Pain changes people."

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"و كنت أعرف منذ البداية،

أنني وجدتك لأضيعك،

و أحببتك لأفقدك،

فقد التقينا مصادفة” - غادة السمان

"And I knew from the beginning

That I found you to lose you

And loved you to miss you

Because we met by coincidence” - Ghada Al Samman

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"One day, you realize that there are some people you’ll never see again. At least, not in the same way."

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"And I love you so much, its very surface expands more than the skies" 

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